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18-4 13:27:26 judge1967 Join out TeamSpeak to report cheaters TS.WBKS-Clan.de
18-4 11:12:13 Stonehouse @ admin: Bouclette97 has been Aimbotting on your servers constantly.
18-4 10:56:47 Stonehouse Is there an Admin online ?
18-4 10:56:42 Stonehouse Anyone?
18-4 10:50:18 Stonehouse I am registered but still unable to login to the community forums to cite the complaint
18-4 10:49:13 Stonehouse Hello, how can i report a cheater ? Bouclette97has been Aimbotting on [WBKS] Gaming#5
17-4 9:23:25 II_Watchmen_II unfortunately the maintenances are not done yet. We will inform you, once, it is done. Until then, it can continue to come to failures.
17-4 6:50:59 Leos9412 OK. 10am what timezone UTC?
17-4 6:50:14 II_Watchmen_II on the 17.04.2018 between 05:00 am and 10:00 am, there will be planned maintenance on our network. In this time, it can occasionally come to downtimes. We ask for your understanding
17-4 6:28:21 Leos9412 Hi, why BF3 servers dosn't work?
16-4 13:59:29 Da1nAbOY VERDIENT
16-4 12:44:13 JLe72 @Da1nAbOY: No link ti appel a ban... look a Little left, a BIG BLUE BUTTON!!!
16-4 9:07:02 Da1nAbOY Good afternoon, 04/16/2018 played on your server. the number of players was 8/8 played with a tommy gun and with a score of 60/10 roughly, the players from the other team decided that I was cheating and banned me by the hacker, please help with the thin! For my part, I will say that I did not use cheats, I've never played for more than 5 years! By the way, on your server there is no link to appeal!
15-4 14:01:32 JLe72 @incredyo: No!
15-4 13:52:24 chaosrieke Maby immun against auto kick, but if ur ping stays to high an real admin will kick u and thats needed ... high ping player are not good for all players.(just my 2 cent as a user)
15-4 10:21:49 incredyo hi if I buy vip slot will I be immune from kick from server for high ping?
8-4 15:56:53 JLe72 @FatKidzCantRun: Open a BanAppeal in our Forum!
8-4 14:56:01 FatKidzCantRun can I ask why I cant join wbks7 bf4 every time as it says I am kicked by an admin?
3-4 21:02:54 Joe «link»
3-4 21:02:40 Joe I'm talking about Metro BF3 Server
3-4 21:01:45 Joe Everyone got kicked from the server
3-4 21:01:26 Joe The server has been taken down
31-3 23:01:10 Rusalka Game: BFBC2, Server: Valparaiso 24/7
31-3 23:00:47 Rusalka Hello. The server on ts is offline, so I'm writing you here. Two guys banned Achillism2 and Anti.Outofspace, again. They were distroying mcoms as well. Their names are: BIG IQ, MEDIUM IQ, VeryCarr. Please unban these players and ban other ones. Thanks
31-3 16:02:32 D0UG_HEFFERN4N D0UG mit einer Null statt O
31-3 16:01:43 D0UG_HEFFERN4N Hi, hab gerade 9€ für einen VIP-Slot auf euren BF4-Server #7 gespendet. Leider liess sich #7 nicht im Menü auswählen. Könnt ihr das manuell ändern? D0UG_HEFFERN4N ist auch mein ingame Name. Im Forum kann ich mich mit meinem Account leider nicht anmelden, obwohl die Daten stimmen.
31-3 5:32:44 civilbre sorry for grammar .....i want give admins some video to watch slowly otherwise i spoke with elfe last night and we discus about some stuff....thx
31-3 5:30:11 civilbre O.O O.OO.O...where is the place to give u link to watch some noobs stuff
29-3 12:51:06 EruestanDK Admin???
29-3 9:04:52 EruestanDK Any admins ?
28-3 18:13:59 Izhmash1337 anyone can help me i joined to the server then i was banned for roof glitching at bf3 server , but i dont do anithing ?!
25-3 21:44:47 sckouks Here is our Teamspeak adresse : Ts.WBKS-Clan.de
25-3 14:34:10 Elfe1090 no we have no discord we have teamspeak
25-3 12:00:05 thepismaker hello guys do u have a discord or something ?
14-3 17:18:55 lalalapt «link»
12-3 23:29:52 judge1967 TS.WBKS-Clan.de
12-3 23:29:45 judge1967 How many times do we have to say it? join our teamspeak to report.
11-3 14:00:07 Bruno :D Moinsen Kinner´s, euch allen een Warmen sonntag zusammen
11-3 13:53:09 Broumad schaut euch den spieler mal an und bannt ihn bitte. 81 kills 71 hs
11-3 13:52:55 Broumad «link»
11-3 13:52:48 Broumad Echt jetzt? fürs forum ein extra account?
6-3 21:43:07 astyag Hi JLe72
I am having a problem to connect to WBKS servers in BFBC2, also other servers. I have uploaded a photo in WBKS forum in this regard. looking forward for your help.
1-3 9:51:20 JLe72 @civilbre: look below to the TS3 Viewer... you can see it O.O ... TS.WBKS-Clan.de
28-2 22:16:01 civilbre hello i need ts adress i forgot thx
25-2 11:10:36 mohamedtr hey all
24-2 17:41:55 MGMUERTE thx :D
24-2 14:38:06 JLe72 @MGMUERTE: you have to register in the forum too!
24-2 12:21:59 MGMUERTE will not let me open an application to appeal my ban, can you help me? tells me that my username does not correspond to any
22-2 18:13:23 JLe72 Is this so difficult to understand? This is a shoutbox no Cheater Report or banappeal here!
22-2 15:06:00 grifersn3d Cheater in arica harbor 24/7 server (battlefield bad company 2). His nickname is "GO VEGAN OR DIE "
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