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20:51-- Elfe1090: we talk to masterking, but how i see just today he move 2 players, which he is playing together in teamspeak..
11:55-- Wunderstrudel: As i said idk if he is mocing people or just leetting people winner team join. Same same though. It ruins balance and there for the game for 32 other people. If you wanna call it childish that people report shit like this then sure. Then i know how your community is so toxic, it makes sense. :)
Btw. i also asked Master to fix a guy destroying HAVOC when he did not get pilot. Apparently he knew Master, so master didnt do shit. Just told me some dumb one liner. :)
11:55-- Wunderstrudel: Nice and mature admins. xD
12:06-- Wunderstrudel: Anyhow i do not care that you guys are ruining your servers. I just tried to help you guys fix it. Keep it up i'll just goto the competition. ^^
15:28-- Wunderstrudel: Also this might not be Master-Kings fault. He mentioned that he was askekd not to move poeple becos it looked bad or something. Which i can understand but the exact same can be said about letting people winner team join. So i do not wanna put all the blame on Master-King since he might just be doing as told.
9:43-- Elfe1090: lady this is a shoutbox, not a chatroom.
18:38-- Augustin: Just payed for one month VIP all servers
7:52-- JLe72: @Augustin: Check your emails please!
15:44-- KANZLER_86: Hallo zusammen
18:04-- Elfe1090: Hallo 1 Kanzler
14:59-- skudz-uk: Hi I am on your bf4 hainan 24/7 there is a player called kill4x who is constantly killing my boat team kills with c4, he taunts me all the time and is toxic and abusive, i have video
22:06-- Amar: Hi Elfe
22:07-- Amar: You have bann me.Ich bin der EWOk nt und habe auch nichts bei euch im dc geschrieben
18:46-- JohnnyScottish: Sorry emailed donate@ didn't see note attached to paypal refund on my email. Should all be sorted now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused...
18:20-- JLe72: @JohnnyScottish: THX - Your VIP-Slots are online! The email will come next day's...
17:12-- JohnnyScottish: guys best place to post videos that will followup a base raping report on your #8 server?
17:47-- JohnnyScottish: Never mind sorted :)
16:18-- JohnnyScottish: Normal for tl7lc to fake report/kick/ban? Complaining constantly but really is just all nothing :(
17:22-- kennyktm: I literally got banned without breaking the rules too.
22:24-- Elfe1090: @Johnny to report players use ingame !report, join ts or discord..not here.
22:24-- Elfe1090: @kennyktm «link»
11:29-- JohnnyScottish: @Elfe no report, think the persons heart is in the right place but alot of false accusations. Keep up the good work :)
11:51-- R4MBO-ITA: hello, any admin for bf4 ?server :#8 [WBKS] 24/7 SHANGHAI {3200T/NoobMagnet/FastVehicleSpawn}
11:53-- R4MBO-ITA: sospicious player: VenerusFanClub «link»
11:53-- R4MBO-ITA: «link»
11:53-- R4MBO-ITA: thanks
12:08-- R4MBO-ITA: «link»
3:59-- OnlyChaos_: Helo
19:53-- hundekuchen20: werd hier nur mobbt
17:22-- Elfe1090: wer mobbt dich?
17:39-- Crydtt: "hello, any admin for bf4 ?server :#8 [WBKS] 24/7 SHANGHAI {3200T/NoobMagnet/FastVehicleSpawn}"
17:40-- Crydtt: hab nen video beweis der hat inst health regen
17:40-- Crydtt: youtube.com/watch?v=mVdwY5cbTjo
17:41-- Crydtt: wäre nice wenn das noch erledigt werden könnte schönen abend euch noch
19:42-- hundekuchen20: wer mich mobbt? alles mobbt mich
19:54-- hundekuchen20: habe dies mal weiter geleitet Crydtt aber das nächste mal Nutz bitte die !report <user> <grund> funktion im game und/oder unser forum für BF4 reports «link»

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