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19-6 23:49:46 AngryWallE @koffein44, I literally got banned without breaking the rules too.
19-6 23:48:29 AngryWallE Can any admins help me please?
19-6 23:48:18 AngryWallE Hi I got banned for trolling. Can I please get an unban? I made an appeal already. I have never hacked nor broken any rules. REQUIRE UNBAN PLEASE, BANNED ON ALL SERVERS, NEVER BROKE ANY RULES.
19-6 19:11:09 koffein44 Hello all, I just got banned from Metro server with no rules. What's the reason behind it? I was using EOD Bot and killing everyone, I bet the admin just got upset and abused his powers
18-6 17:20:08 JohnnyScottish So really racist and a base camper.. :( #sadtimes
18-6 17:14:22 JohnnyScottish While i put together new videos not being funny but I don't think this is acceptable -> «link»
13-6 18:12:56 Elfe1090 @johnny yes
13-6 6:48:43 JohnnyScottish @elfe1090 understand just to confirm bf4 feedback yes?
13-6 6:38:28 Elfe1090 our forum
13-6 6:30:40 JohnnyScottish Hey team, have footage of 2 players constantly base camping in the heli. I don't believe they're cheating just v good but it's getting beyond a joke now. Best place to post this?
6-6 9:54:24 JLe72 @Miacat: SORRY hat etwas gedauert... ist jetzt aktiv! Du solltest auch eine email bekommen haben.
5-6 19:08:22 Miacat ok, dann weiss ich bescheid das es noch net geht danke dir;)
5-6 18:33:08 JLe72 @Miacat: Dein VIP wurde noch nicht aktiviert!
5-6 18:21:43 Miacat komischer weise zeigt der mir das an, habe ja bezahlt um halb 7 und um 7 zeigt er mir des an, würde ja sonst nix sagen hmm,
5-6 18:17:16 JLe72 @Miacat: Weil dein VIP abgelaufen ist...
5-6 17:48:47 Miacat wieso werde ich ständig vom server geschmissen als vip.wofür zahle ich dann wenn ich jedesmal reausgeschmissen werde, mein ingame name ist MiacatLP
5-6 17:48:00 Miacat hi zusammen,
4-6 16:46:24 Elfe1090 @OnlyFasik use our forum or teamspeak for help..
4-6 11:24:03 hundekuchen hello guys
4-6 0:25:00 OnlyFasik i cant seem to connect, it doesnt give me any ban message but it says "you lost connection to the server"
4-6 0:24:31 OnlyFasik Any admins online aright now?
2-6 16:49:28 gujarat6 hey guys who can i contact about possible errror with bf4 server?
1-6 17:34:58 JohnnyScottish Before you say use in game !report, done same people over last 3-5 days
1-6 17:28:36 JohnnyScottish VIP = disappointed. So far every server base camping, heli stealing :( come on guys please do better
29-5 19:16:48 JLe72 @lllDeFlll: I Stop this here, if you want to tell us something, post in our forum, don't spam the Shoutbox!
29-5 15:37:10 lllDeFlll and agean - gemme perm ban, i dont want to play your server anymore. I let it die.
29-5 15:36:37 lllDeFlll so agean - basecamp ruining ingame balance - and thats what damn admins for. Not for cenzorship
29-5 15:35:59 lllDeFlll and about helis special. Do you want to argue that helis on base have advantage, espesially on US side? if dont then why its allowed to shhot from base and never leave it, shooting longrange TV everytime and atay in safe place ?
29-5 15:32:18 lllDeFlll your EU version of censorship must go to kindergarden not in adults game
29-5 15:30:58 lllDeFlll a character insults another character - whats the big deal ? we all play the game with character. If im the one whos constantly diyng on enemy bases, while most tanks dont leave the base and dont push flags, they do frags. So - I can switch off chat if I dont like chat but what can a team do if 1 tank never leave base and farming homeflags ? So on your rules I get situation in wich im losing hard about 1 hour watching those cowards on base and giving up my KD. And thats a normal situation. and if I call my damn cowards ingame cowards - its insult. U r really lost the point of game.
29-5 9:33:49 Elfe1090 what abaut "respect the rules".. i mean you can write how you want just not in cyrillic thats not thsi hard...
there is no rule against camping, but against insulting...
29-5 8:46:58 lllDeFlll If a player never leave base - he is COWARD. it isnt any insult. Ans if player # 42 on your server for all history isnt happy that tells you a lot/
29-5 8:45:12 lllDeFlll so with such focktards pls ban me so i caoudnt enter your server and never played with naci blind admins anymore.
29-5 8:44:18 lllDeFlll the stupid have nothing to say to heli wich is never leave base and fighting from base and have to tell that russian isnt allowed in chat
29-5 8:43:28 lllDeFlll thats how you get your stupid sertver down. pls more redes and focktard admins in mornings.
29-5 8:42:41 lllDeFlll naci masterking 4 is watching for russian in chat muchg more that he sees a rules
29-5 8:42:03 lllDeFlll with such a fucktard admins
29-5 8:41:52 lllDeFlll can I get a ban on your stupid server ?
27-5 10:12:09 black_nudl cyberbongi kann den wer anschauen ?
26-5 20:03:45 Elfe1090 server?
24-5 20:39:29 R4ZVEDKA Turn off surveillance. Close spectator.
24-5 20:37:55 R4ZVEDKA You constantly have a rat on surveillance and tell the helicopter pilot where the enemies are. Remove the rat from observation, close observation to strangers.
16-5 16:14:56 lllDeFlll Hello guys anyone here ?
1-5 16:11:25 JLe72 @incphit: Post in our Forum please - no Bansupport here!!
1-5 14:57:09 incphit id incphit
1-5 14:56:47 incphit 1090 I didn't cheat why I got kicked out when I entered the server
1-5 14:52:56 incphit is the administrator there
25-4 18:40:16 Elfe1090 !report playername reason, in our TS, in Discord or in forum with proof..
23-4 17:26:13 ZachuKgPL Guys we have problem with cheater on bf4 wbks server (XxKSK78Xx)
20-4 6:57:13 Elfe1090 Hallo, nein in der shoutbox schauen wir sehr selten vorbei, daher bitte immer den ingame report, ts oder discord nutzen wenn ein problem auf dem server besteht! davon ab haben wir 11 bf4 server und auch noch bfbc2 server mit deiner Nachricht ist es absolut nicht möglich hier zu helfen, da wir nicht wissen könne auf welchem server
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