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Steckbrief - Join Us

Hello soldier!

So, you want to become a member of WBKS and join us?
No problem, but there are a few things you should keep in mind!
We are a "fun clan", but there are rules that must be complied with.
Here's an excerpt from the clan rules that apply to you as a candidate: 

  1. Admission to the clan requires a minimum age of 21 years (exceptions confirm the rule).
  2. Each prospective member is always checked at PBbans, GGC, Cheat-O-Meter, BF4DB, and 24/7 fair Play!
  3. If you want to become a member of WBKS, you must NOT be a member of any other clan.
  4. Registrations must be made via our homepage or forum (JoinUs). With the registration on the homepage the clan rules are automatically accepted. The admission as a candidate in the clan is decided by all members in equal parts within a maximum of 8 weeks. The ClanLeader has "the last word" in the decision.
  5. The candidates are in a trial period after being admitted to our clan. The trial period is 4 to a maximum of 8 weeks (exceptions confirm the rule).
    During this time he/she has to wear the Trial Member ClanTag [WBKS-T] in TS3 and InGame [wbks] (in lower case).
  6. During Trial Time the Trial Member will pay the Clan a contribution of €5 per month (for 2 months). For this he gets a "VIP-Slot" on all Game Servers and a Limited access to the AdminTool to administrate the Servers.
  7. As a TrialMember TS3 is mandatory!

 Here you can find the complete >>> clan rules <<<.

Who are the WaffenBrueder Kassel?

[WBKS] was founded in 2006, we have members from 20 years of age and "many members" between 30 and over 50 years.

If you would like to read something more about us, you can check out the >>>  Clan History <<< page.

Because of the higher average age, everyone knows what it means when you just do not have time for private reasons. Many have families with children or work shifts. Therefore, we would not condemn anyone who just has to put off a longer time. However, we would like notice for being AFK for example Holidays.

As a member, you will receive 50% off our partner >>> PC-Tuning 24 <<<, which offers us 24/7 support on all matters relating to the PC.  

Just join our TS3 and ask us if you want to know more about us ...

Now About You.

At the moment we are receiving so many inquiries that we have decided to start with "only" TrialMembers, who are and already "regular" with us in TS3, so that we can already determine who are and who are not serious about becoming a WBKS member.  

So, if you are not already a regular guest with us in TS3, join us here.

Our TS3-IP is: TS.WBKS-Clan.de and get to know other members.

As mentioned earlier, all Members have a "say" in accepting new TrialMembers, so it's not bad if they've not met you before.  

We hope you have not been deterred by this ... and look forward to receiving your application. We would like to know who we are dealing with.
Therefore we need some information from you:  

  1. Please write in your Forem post as subject your NickName for the overview of the application.
  2. Your name (real life, first name is enough & In Game NickName).
  3. Your age (birthday).
  4. Foreign languages ​​available (but not important)?
  5. Your place of residence, if outside of Germany also the Country.
  6. What are your hobbies/interests when you are not sitting at the PC?
  7. Any special IT experiences?
  8. Clan experience, if so which game and which clan?
  9. League experience (ESL / 4PL / DeSBL etc.)
  10. How did you hear about us?
  11. How long have you been playing BF3 / BF4 / BF1 etc.?
  12. Link to Battlelog profile your NickNames.
  13. A little free text - why do you want to become a [WBKS] member?
  14. A photo of you in the attachment would be great!

The information is for guidance only and does not have to be processed to 100%, but we would like a total "round imagination".  

To fill in the JoinUs now, please click on the button.

After the application...

Once you have written your JoinUS in the forum, we will discuss in the clan whether we agree to a trial period.

Privacy Policy:

Open or Pending JoinUs are in the public forum area and can be viewed by anyone! Completed and accepted "JoinUs" will be postponed by us at the earliest after 7 days in the Claninternen forum area, so that they can no longer be viewed by strangers or our members can vote on whether you are accepted as a member ...

 We are looking forward to your application.

 The [WBKS] Team 

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