WaffenBrueder Kassel [WBKS] - Since 2006

Here is all the information about VIP and private slots on our game Servers:

As you can imagine the cost of Game Servers, TS3, Web Hosting and its management and
administration can be Expensive.
Our members and administrators are trying to enable a "pleasant and fair gaming experience." for you.
Unfair Players, High Pinger, Cheater or Glitcher will be quickly kicked or banned!

Our game servers are almost always full and the queues can be quite long.
If you do not want to wait "forever" to join a Server, then you have the opportunity
to make a donation in the amount of € 1.50 per month.
In return we'll send you a VIP or private-slot on a [WBKS] gaming server of your choice.
We do of course appreciate general donations in Support of our game Servers!

Please donate NOT monthly as PayPal charge you for every donation, as the smallest donation we have therefore set 2.00 € (1 month).

If you would like a VIP slot for 6 months the total would be €9.00.

As a VIP or private slot owner you have the following Advantages::

  • Immediate access to the game Server! (Another player will be automatically kicked, to make a place for you)
  • You will not be thrown out of the game in order for other VIPs to make room or [WBKS] Member!
  • In Game servers Vote Maps you have the "dual Vote Power" at Mapvotes!
  • The Autobalancer will not switch you into the other Team!
  • Fast unban in case of a server-side Teamkill- or ban Vote! (Register now contact one of our admins)

If you do not want to play alone on our game Servers, you can join our TS3 and join [WBKS] Members or join other Public players together as a Team.
- Together instead of alone is our motto -

Please enter below a donation. Payment is made via PayPal.
As a thank you will get a VIP or private slot.
Please do not forget your in-game-name (without clan tag) and the [WBKS] gaming server of your choice.

Your slot will soon be set up, but please give us 2 days, before you open a thread in the forum or Messaging Admins in TS3.

All donations are going 100% into the funding of our Servers. We are not responsible for any kind of problems like server crashes, bugs, lags... [WBKS] assuming no liability. Players which a permanently breaking our serverrules can loose their VIP-Slot, a refund of all ready paid contributions is not possible.

Thank you for supporting our [WBKS] gaming Server!

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