plugin for jet/heli?

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plugin for jet/heli?

Post by Gambito »

Hi admins.
Is there any plugin for allow only "low/normal level" players to get jet and heli?
Im asking that because in maps were are jets or helis, usually join the "pro" player, making the round are little bored if u are in his team or a farmed round if u are againts him and when is only infantry, usually left.

For example these three maps of today with

Code: Select all
wbks 2 bf3: nebandan flats: 64/ 4
kiasar railround: 44/4
kiasar railround round 2: 65/3
Sabalan Pipeline: get_rigtht_marc 56/1
Sabalan Pipeline round 2: (before i left seeing) 22-0 more or less

Ok, this guy is insanely good but he destroy the server making unfunny as people like me, left after being tired.
He even use the seat trick with his friend

Code: Select all
for getting two ecms, a little useless because nobody cant beat them.



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