Re: TKs on purpose (Gnollly) - ONE MORE TIME

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Re: TKs on purpose (Gnollly) - ONE MORE TIME

Post by GNOL3X » Monday 11. February 2019, 21:14

Cool, so my reaction about R1cky_Sk report against me was deleted so I'll try it one more time:

R1cky_Sk was spawn-camping with mortar today. When enemy player killed him, he started to talk shit about him, that he is "baseraping him". I blocked him to forced him to stop with that spawn-camping with mortar and he teamkilled me. Then we were teamkilling/punishing and insulting each others so it was 50/50. But he was the one, who came here to report me. Coward.

R1cky_Sk is known for mortar spawn(base)camping/and raping. He's also glitching with mortars, so he could hide himself from enemy mortars.

In his screenshots, that he sent to you:
you can clearly see on first picture, we were attacking US team on rush in Metro and there were last two MCOMs. I used a flash light to stop him from using mortar against defending RUS team (and don't tell me he was about to defend MCOMs with mortar).

On the second picture you can see (again) he was spawn-raping attacking US team in their spawn (just look at the minimap, he was shooting red zone with mortar again!). I blocked him to stop him.

R1cky_Sk was the only player I annoyed today, I don't teamkill other players intentionaly with NO REASON.

And if you forgot who he is, let me remind you:


Oh what? He was banned for vehicles destroying and then for insulting admins? What a surprise :D

If you gonna remove this post, first tell me the reason.

Thank you.

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Re: TKs on purpose (Gnollly) - ONE MORE TIME

Post by Elfe1090 » Monday 11. February 2019, 21:29

i dont need to tell you a reason..

next time watch your language, maybe no one delete your posting then.

this is now closed and EVERY new one get delet too



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