Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal

Post by 2-x-Vvulf » Saturday 11. August 2018, 15:28

Hello, today I have been banned from [WBKS] Gaming#9b - 24/7 METRO - NO EXPLOSIVE & !SHOTGUN LIMIT server for being a low lvl player but having a large k/d ratio. I would like to appeal to that ban, I have mentioned in the round that I have been banned in (and the round before that) that this was not my first time playing bf4.

I used to play a lot of the pirated version since i didn't have money to buy the real one. Now that I finally managed to save money for the real version I have started playing here. I believe i was being spectated and then simply banned for being good at the game.I have recorded the entire round that I was banned in and am more than willing to upload it here if you deem it necessary, but I would like to hear from you before I start uploading, so as to not waste time if you do not intend to unban me from your server (my internet upload speed is really low).

My youtube channel: ... oSr8DwOAug?

Here is a full round video of my gameplay on the pirated version if u want to see:

Also i train my aim as seen here:

My zloemu stats bf4: ... 4&p=player

My ingame username is 2-x-V

Have a good day, and thanks in advance.


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