Ban Slovak_N1 - making server unplayable

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Ban Slovak_N1 - making server unplayable

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Hey admins, I wanna start by saying that me and my friends play on your server everyday, you can check my rep, I made an account just to report Slovak_n1 and ask to please ban this toxic individual from your severs. It is unplayable when he is there, and he is there everyday. He rams team helicopters with jets, AA, tanks, team kills on purpose and spews racist slurs in chat basically every single day. We have used the !report function on a daily basis for months, however nothing is being done about it. It makes us really hesitant to purchase VIP slots on your servers. This guy is banned on most servers already, this is why he plays on WBKS Golmund all the time. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Ban Slovak_N1 - making server unplayable

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SORRY for my late answer, he is permbanned now!
THX for your report!
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