An idea for ...

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An idea for ...

Post by iNsoNic » Thursday 19. July 2018, 20:15

Hello Everyone, I have a hint.
Well, on the server [WBKS] Gaming # 3 - Metro - No Explosives {NoobMagnet Special}
it is forbidden to use ammunition and explosive grenades, but when there is a need to press on the opponent, and you use M320s, and at some point, if you hit an opponent, you get killed by the script, for example the rest of the team can not be reborn in a key situation round. I am referring here especially to server operators. If it can be changed, and I guess you can, it would really straighten the round and the emotions during such actions on our favorite map.
Summarizing everything, I count on omnipresent disclaimers, for and against this proposal.
That's it, thank you and best regards.


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