Account security and linked accounts

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Account security and linked accounts

Post by Goodfood2k16 » Tuesday 22. January 2019, 11:34

hi all, as moderator from anti cheat site bf4db i see a lot of problems around linked accounts.

i want inform people how importenant it is to secure your EA account. In the past weeks i have seen more and more people doing appeals because their account got hacked. You are always responsible for you own account security! Serverowners and anti cheat sites make no exceptions This counts also for old accounts, if you have any old accounts, please make sure that you are the only one accessing it.

More info can be found here:

Second of all: never let other people use your account. We get every now and then ban appeals with the story that they lend their account to a friend. You are responsible yourself, if your account has been used for cheating, it will be banned, just as any valid linked accounts.

Thirth, never buy used accounts, there is a huge black market for stolen accounts and axcounts that used cheats. If you buy these accounts and play on them, you will be seen as cheater and any linked account to it will be banned. Its not worth the money.

A new game is maybe 5 euros more, but it keeps your save. 2 step FA takes 2 minuts to setup, but makes you account so much saver.

Please dont realize this yourself, but also inform others. This better for the players, the admins, and the game!
Moderator from BF4FB.


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