Periodic change of server hertz

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Periodic change of server hertz

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Please tell me what is the reason for the periodic change of server hertz? It has no benefit other than an annoyance. Since I like to use UCAV, and also sometimes fly by helicopter, for me changing the server hertz from 30 Hz to 45 Hz or 60 Hz is accompanied by a server increase in sensitivity on vehicles with the same game and mouse sensitivity settings, which is very inconvenient and makes you get used to it every time, but really experienced and strong pilots may simply not like this and they will simply leave the server and find a server where the hertz will always be stable. I've been playing on your server for quite some time to make some observations. The largest online on the server is achieved when it is set to 30 Hz, slightly less online is observed at 45 Hz and very little online is observed when it is set to 60 Hz.
I ask from myself and all the players of the server. If you want to see high online on the server, then please leave the server hertz at 30 Hz, so everyone will only be better off.
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