BAN appeal bf4 PC

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BAN appeal bf4 PC

Post by MarbleHit » Wednesday 3. July 2019, 06:19

Hello my name is MarbleHit and i got banned i think 2-3 days ago? And the reason was "toxicity"and im writing it this way because i dont think that i was being toxic just stating my opinion about certain "explosive" devices like the Flashbang Grenade Launcher.See ive played in other non explosive servers before but they did allow the flashbang grenade launcher so i thought okay ill use that instead.And as the game went on i got a kill with it by hitting one enemy played dead center into his chest and i got killed for using an explosive weapon...So i went to the chat section to express my dissapointment regarding the wording of the rule.I dont consider what ive said to be toxic just talking about the rule! So next i was trying to use the grenade launcher to hit against walls so i could blind people and as i was playing i got another kill with the impact grenade so i got kicked! And i was furious i mean no explosives but no grenades???? And it wasnt even stated as a rule.So i got back in the server this time really angry about it and someone proposed to ban me for toxicity without general reason.Probably because he was tired of hearing my complaints.So yeah this is my case if you can do something about it i would be very grateful if not i totally understand. Thank you!

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Re: BAN appeal bf4 PC

Post by Elfe1090 » Wednesday 3. July 2019, 22:21

I don’t look at the whole chat..
You got votebanned from the other players..
Next time maybe don’t call over the admins that they must be 15 years old...
Or that the server is cancer..

Read the rules before and don’t flame.

Have fun, your ban runs out.




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