Banned Appeal - No idea why this happened

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Banned Appeal - No idea why this happened

Post by Stelllasin »

Hey there, I'm a pretty regular player on your mixmode premium server for Battlefield 3.
I log in everyday and have a really good time playing on this server.
However, I got banned for no reason today. I was playing and then left mid game to have my dinner.
And then when I got back, I saw that I was kicked for some punkbuster error. Then my friend who was also playing on the same
server said that I got banned in private messages.

I don't know why this happened, I'm a genuine player and also treat everyone fairly ingame. No stealing vehicles, or base raping or swearing
at other players. I don't use any kind of hacks and I'm strongly against them.

Here is my battlelog profile if you wanna check my stats: ... 891958/pc/

Please unban me, this is one of the very few premium servers with many players. I don't wanna quit now, after all my progress.
Thank you

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Re: Banned Appeal - No idea why this happened

Post by Elfe1090 »

thats the reason why you are banned..
we cant help you there, sorry.

you need to appeal you ban at pbbans.
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