Banned for aimbot?

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Banned for aimbot?

Post by Mancineschi »

Hi, today i was banned from WBKS #3 for "suspect gaming, aimbot", heres the video of the entire match:

Yesterday i was kicked for zouzou jumping, even if i didn't perform any zouzou jump on this server, I was using a normal crouch jump like I always do. (the crouch jump is not a glitch). Video proof:

I played daily in your server for months now, many players said that i'm a cheater, but i'm not. I always record my matches and I uploaded some hackusations on YouTube. I have no problem to record my monitor from outside or even my arm and my mouse movement if you ask me to do that...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Banned for aimbot?

Post by Phenix »


We discussed your case for about half an hour while playing with and against you the same time.

We agreed (multiple members & regular players) that we suspend you permanently due to strong suspicion of hacking.

In one of the rounds being played yesterday you scored a 17:1 K/D while the round has just begun and the "best" other player only had 3 kills. You seem to know exactly where players are coming from even at places that aren't typical routes your aim is perfect and you need only 2-3 bullets with the AEK to kill them. Honestly, your YouTube videos raised the suspicion even more instead of lower them.

In the end we had to make an agreement of interest what is healthier for the clan: a) Letting someone play who might be clean but scaring off members & regular players or b) trading one suspicious player for all the other players who keep the server running every day.

Ban appeal denied and closed as we base our decision on domestic authority. A clan leader may change the ban, write them a PM if you want to complain. Otherwise - thanks for your comprehension.

Please pay attention to where you post - especially ban appeals need to be opened in the right section!


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