Ban appeal - Petrpav22

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Ban appeal - Petrpav22

Post by Petrpav22 »

I have been banned more then month ago for unknown reason.
When i try to join it just says: Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: Cheater [perm][feldsau]
I do not cheat, i did never cheat.
If u look at my profile you see i have 1 bil. score. Thats because of boosting server formerly located in Antarctica which gives x3000 xp. I thought it was unranked so i joined and laugh about thousands of score I was getting. When I realized it is ranked it was too late.
I am not proud about it, yet I only played one game there.
I have never used any competetive advantage (aimbot, wallhack etc.)

Thanks in advance for replies


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Re: Ban appeal - Petrpav22

Post by feldsau »

hello, you know exactly what you are doing and every time we ban one of you you are crying and say we didn't know. with the score and everything you can't really find out if you are wearing anything or not. so the ban remains

greats feldsau


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