Battlefield3 #7WBKS

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Battlefield3 #7WBKS

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hello I am writing about the battlefield3 game the case concerns server # 7WBKS in Bf3, many players are asking what happened to the assault mode, is there a return to the assault mode in hardcore mode? many players lack this mode and run away from the server, and there is no server that would attract good players, please return the old server with the assault mode, many players miss this mode please contact thank you,

writing with help of translator google
i learn language maaany years ago , thanks

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Re: Battlefield3 #7WBKS

Post by JLe72 »


this Server has only ClassicMaps, there are never AssaultMaps in the MapRotation. In 2019 this was a MixMode Server but only with ClassicMaps.
Maybe we can try and put one Map in the Rotation, when the Server is full (more than 48 Players are online)...
What Map do yo (or the other's) prefer?
What's with an Donation for the Server (maybe VIP)?

Look here, an other Post about Server #7:
viewtopic.php?f=106&p=32220&sid=0764d26 ... 391#p32220
Man messert sich...


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