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Hello Elfe1090, so today you banned me for bad language on WBKS #2 hours and hours after the game I played. Which is funny because I never see admins on the server when some cheater joins or when people steal vehicles from spawn and then base rape, or when teams are completely stacked and need balance.

Just like today when er_FURY and his friend were stealing vehicles and camping in the air for 2-3 whole rounds, ruining the game for everyone, mupltiple people initiated votekick but of course failed because of the broken system etc. So what are you doing when stuff like this happens and actually need an admin to connect to the server for once? nothing.

So what are the rules on your server? bad language is not okay but unfair gameplay, stealing vehicles, spawn killing etc is all fine?

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Re: Ban

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The fact that you wish others to die, or their "whores mothers", is not okay and cannot be accepted in any way. As far as is known, there is no rule against moving, so nothing is being done about it. For everything else, you have already been suggested in the Discord to provide proof.

We cannot always be on all servers, we do all of this here alongside our job, family and other hobbies. We have the report function for this.
But as already written, we will only be active there if there is a rule violation.

I put your spell down, you can show in 1 week that you can express yourself without insult.

Topic Closed nothing more to say. Every new one will be closed too without a answere.

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