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ArmpitBeard: The 3000 ticket metro server
Elfe1090: @ArmpitBeard in our forum, or ingame with !report (playername) (reason)
obi89: ???????????????????
obi89: ...
JLe72: @obi89: Hello - How often... join our TS3 and report an Admin - and DON'T FORGET THE SERVER#!
Or use !report - is this so difficult?
ArmpitBeard: I’m VIP on the 3000 ticket metro server yet I’ve been put in a queue lol
JLe72: @ArmpitBeard: Yes, maybe the round ends in 150 tickets, in this time we disable the VIP, so no public random player gets kicked! Our ClanMembers can't join in this time too!
JohnnyScottish: Guys user SAINT-OF-KILLERS currently on siege server being toxic and racist.
Elfe1090: use !report name reason ingame or our forum please
Kelemvor79: i want to buy 1 vip slot server #1 wbks best DLC Maps no rules fast vehicle spawn , but when i need to serlect server i donñt see this server
DasRippchen01: hallo , ich habe eine supportfrage zu battlefield 4 die ich gerne im ts besprechen würde.
DasRippchen01: hello, i have a support question about battlefield 4 that i would like to discuss in ts.
JLe72: @Kelemvor79: Server #1 = BF4 - [WBKS] 1 - EPS - CQ PREMIUM MAPS VoteMap - 60Hz
JLe72: @DasRippchen01: Jetzt ist ein Admin im TS3 online.
Kelemvor79: ok done!:D
Kelemvor79: @JLe72 ok Done!
JLe72: @Kelemvor79: Check your emails please - THX!
Kelemvor79: @JLe72 Done, Thx
Zabijaka: Hi. Any WBKS admins online?
Zabijaka: OK, anyway. I wanted to make a ban appeal on forum but during registration I got information that "The email address you entered is not allowed to be used." About the ban. I was playing on BF4 sniper/pistol/knife server and some butthurted ppl from enemy team decided to voteban me. Why even giving ppl such power to voteban with 5 votes? It happened also 2 days ago...I got kickvoted. Hackusations have no end.
Elfe1090: voteban is just for 24 hours
Alphapigeoon: i got banned for no reason, why?
Alphapigeoon: i was exploring the map to see how far i could go without dying and all of sudden i just get kicked/banned. i even bought vip membership. can someone assist me please?
Banno12345: Please write a ban appeal in our forum:
Banno12345: «link»
l-Lupus-l: Hallo zusammen!
l-Lupus-l: Bin zwar neu registriert, aber seit BF3 immer gerne euf den Servern der WBKS unterwegs. Hoffe es geht auch hier mit BF2042 weiter! :-)
JLe72: @l-Lupus-l: Hallo, wenn EA wieder RSP anbietet, sind wir beim Release mit mid. einem Server am Start!
Bei BFV gab es keine Server!
SpecForce: Hello, any admins who can talk to me about a VIP slot?
Elfe1090: «link» all important infos to vip-slots
SpecForce: What I meant is that I already paid 21 euro for VIP slot, but it seems I forgot to post my InGame name
JLe72: @SpecForce: Yes, im searching for your email-address and found you last donation > SpecForce1987

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Hallo Zockerfreunde,

wir haben seit dem 21. September einen neuen TS3-Server. Joint bitte über: ts.wbks-clan.de
Die alte TS3-IP ist abgeschaltet und nicht mehr erreichbar!
Wenn ihr Probleme beim joinen auf die neue TS3-IP habt, schreibt uns eine email
oder posted im Forum. 

Hello soldiers HUAH!

on 21. September we start our new TS3-Server, to join use: ts.wbks-clan.de
Our old TS3-Sertver was switched off same day!
If you can't join our new TS3, write us an email or post in our Forum - THX.

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Unser Teamspeak Server ist umgezogen - TS.WBKS-Clan.de

Unser Teamspeak Server ist umgezogen - TS.WBKS-Clan.de

Hallo Zockerfreunde, wir haben seit dem 21. September einen neuen TS3-Server. Joint bitte über: ts.wbks-clan.de Read More
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Battlefield 1 - Ab sofort monatliche Updates

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