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14-8 20:08:36 JLe72 @Dexter Hennessy: Join our TS3 or Discord!
14-8 16:52:32 Dexter Hennessy OK. And how can I call an admin when we need one ?
14-8 14:54:49 Elfe1090 «link»
14-8 14:54:33 Elfe1090 @Dexter Hennessy you can make a topic in our forum or join our discord.
14-8 12:40:05 Dexter Hennessy Tell me how to send the video and pics ASAP you see my message! We all hate that turd!
14-8 12:37:05 Dexter Hennessy We have a huge problem with a troll named f832....something on bf3 server . All he does its trolling everytime he connects.He destroy assests,ramms ppl and block important vehicles.And he laso starts random voting so he cannot be voted for ban. I have video and pics with that cunt doing that. PLEASE PERM BAN THAT FUCKING RETARD!
9-8 12:52:20 Robin-Hood-CZ-4 Thank you for response, sorry for not writing on banappeal, Im new to this, it wont happen next time.
9-8 12:29:39 JLe72 @Robin-Hood-CZ-4: Next time write a banappeal in our forum please...
You are banned for 2h because you kill 4 players with wrong weapons... no BoltSniper or Autopistol. After 3 kills you gets kicked and if you join again and kill again with wrong weapons, you get banned for 2h!
9-8 8:34:03 Elfe1090 @Robin-Hood-CZ-4

9-8 1:04:37 Robin-Hood-CZ-4 Hi, I got banned on your WBKS server #4 Bolt snipers and pistols and I dont know why. I didnt use grenade or any other not allowed weapon. I just wanted to knife a guy but when I ran into him, it banned me and reason was bolt snipers/pistols only. So can you please unban me or tell me what I did so wrong? Thank you
4-8 10:13:36 123tojojay Thank you SO much!

I don't remember their names, but I'll let you know if they show up again
3-8 10:17:19 David @JLe72 Danke! Wieder ein Cheater weniger^^
3-8 7:57:23 JLe72 @123tojojay: You are unbanned - SORRY for this! Have you any Nicknames from this Trolls?
3-8 7:56:33 JLe72 @David: Banned!
2-8 22:59:33 123tojojay Hello there.

There's currently some griefers on sniper & pistol only #4

They keep vote banning and kicking everyone.
They got me banned too...
2-8 21:21:08 David Ban!!!
2-8 21:21:01 David «link»
2-8 21:19:30 David «link»
2-8 19:13:15 Elfe1090 @david wir halten ein auge auf ihn.
2-8 16:43:47 David «link»
2-8 16:41:41 David Schaut mal auf euren #2 Servoer und vergleicht mal die Stats von [RYZE] Mr-Damo98 mit der jetztigen Runde. Ein HS nach dem anderen.
14-7 17:50:51 JLe72 @Vnav666: Check your emails please!
14-7 7:50:49 Vnav666 hello, I just reserved a VIP slot on BF4 Golmud server, will I receive a confirmation email when the slot becomes active?
10-7 9:47:36 Elfe1090 hey, sorry i think you arent able to disable the minimap in wbks 7
1-7 15:20:43 brandfest Hi! can I somehow disable the minimap from the WBKS7 server?
30-6 20:57:36 paranoikc Greetings. I played on your server for more than a month, played one game yesterday, today I go in, the inscription You are excluded by the administrator, for what? I did not insult anyone, I do not use cheats. Nick in the game Paranoikc
31-5 23:32:01 Elfe1090 can you please write in our forum with a screenshot of the message you get after join i cant see a reason why it dont work atm
31-5 17:22:44 sullythesquid and ty Elfa1090 for that info
31-5 17:21:22 sullythesquid I donated last month on 9a golmud server and this month vip ran out and i can't log on to server anymore always says you have lost conection .
16-5 9:49:22 Elfe1090 there you can report players. or use !report ingame
16-5 9:49:10 Elfe1090 «link»
15-5 1:13:15 sullythesquid I don't know if its OK to report in this chat but here goes.
xAmmarTx a player on 9a Golmud needs a ban IMO, first off I'm playing AA and destroying them and he switches sides takes tank chasing me around ramming me so i can't play once enemy kills me he take AA gives it to other side then switches back over. i would ban him so fast for grieving and UN-sportsmanship, Sorry if this isn't the place to report.
12-5 19:57:57 Elfe1090 im FORUM uns REPORT
12-5 18:58:44 ROSENBLUT OK.... wo könnte man denn bedenken anmelden?
Im TS?
12-5 9:47:32 Elfe1090 das ist eine shoutbox keine reporte jemanden box. die NM leute spielen sauber solange es dort keine gegenteiligen beweise gibt (video,cheatscore, suspect data found) dürfen sie spielen.

predator dont play with wh
11-5 20:17:16 ROSENBLUT [NM]MadMax0067 24/2
11-5 20:16:57 ROSENBLUT [NM]arkuszl 30/4
11-5 20:16:40 ROSENBLUT [NM]Predator148 56/3
11-5 20:16:27 ROSENBLUT #9 [WBKS] 24/7 LOCKER..... Das was die "NM" da abziehen ist nicht mehr normal, bei bei einer K/D von 53/2 bin ich vom Server
11-5 19:37:33 rusl20444 HARDCORE BATTLE
11-5 19:37:06 rusl20444 Predator148 - cheator Wallhack. Check, please!
11-5 16:23:00 JLe72 Hi
11-5 16:18:23 Mona_7003 :)
11-5 16:17:31 Mona_7003 Hi all8)
2-5 23:52:44 b0ratzki @JLe72: Ja aber ich bin so schüchtern... :D
2-5 20:02:02 JLe72 @b0ratzki: HI, da waren aber bestimmt noch andere online...
2-5 18:43:36 b0ratzki @JLe72: War vorhin kurz im TS bei euch aber du warst scheinbar AFK - aber kein Beinbruch, ich schau Montagabend mal vorbei
2-5 13:38:01 JLe72 @sullythesquid: This Noob is banned now for 3 Month!
2-5 13:35:08 JLe72 @b0ratzki: erledigt... bis dem nächst im TS3...
2-5 11:50:41 b0ratzki Bitte bei Gelegenheit meinen BanAppeal im Forum beachten - Danke. Falls ich wieder mitspielen darf gehe ich euch auch gerne demnächst mal im TS auf die Nerven :D
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