WaffenBrueder Kassel [WBKS] - Since 2006

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22-9 17:31:01 FZ-Rebell-BRD Guten Nabend ihr Zocker :D
22-9 9:16:34 Cody Moin einer da?
17-9 8:56:44 Elfe1090 @David kommt doch einfach in ts, die adresse hast du ja...
16-9 20:56:53 David Ansonsten einen angenehmen Abend!
16-9 20:56:22 David «link»
16-9 20:56:03 David Danke für den kick vorhin! Ist ja nicht schlimm aber schreibt wenigstens warum?!?
15-9 7:07:40 Elfe1090 @1xX-Pigi-Xx1 REPORT IN FORUM PLEASE «link»
14-9 23:40:47 1xX-Pigi-Xx1 «link»
14-9 23:39:33 1xX-Pigi-Xx1 «link»
14-9 23:35:43 1xX-Pigi-Xx1 Report 1AdMiRaL-blu Wallhack is BF4DB «link»
12-9 17:45:38 1xX-Pigi-Xx1 ok
12-9 9:05:17 JLe72 @1xX-Pigi-Xx1: Banned - Next time join our TS3 or report in the forum please!!!
12-9 8:04:36 JLe72 @sergio2020: join our TS3 or Discord - please!
12-9 7:29:38 sergio2020 Is admin here
12-9 7:28:50 sergio2020 hi
11-9 17:49:11 1xX-Pigi-Xx1 Report l-CutePie-l Aimbot «link»
11-9 17:47:44 1xX-Pigi-Xx1 Report l-CutePie-l Aimbot
11-9 9:53:51 Elfe1090 hi
11-9 5:53:43 FZ-Rebell-BRD Moin
9-9 7:45:51 Elfe1090 moin
8-9 5:51:03 FZ-Rebell-BRD MOIN
1-9 20:02:08 JLe72 @RFOX3090: TS.WBKS-Clan.de
1-9 18:26:00 RFOX3090 whats the server name for teamspeak
1-9 18:25:52 RFOX3090 hi
31-8 16:51:40 FZ-Rebell-BRD Moin
29-8 13:58:31 JLe72 @i7Bite_me: All banned!
29-8 9:49:03 i7Bite_me bf3 #2 [WBKS] MixMode - AllMaps {200%T/FastSpawnFly/Noob} Flyhack buddies back... ziemlich sicher sind die selben habt ihr als SomaThief und abc45... gebannt sind mit neuem account zurück...
29-8 9:22:49 i7Bite_me admin!?
27-8 11:08:58 AnoN336 Possible major butt hurting complaints? Please change back and I am sure the butts will heal eventually..... :O )
27-8 11:08:04 AnoN336 Um... what has happened to BF3 #7. You can change weapons or options on weapons?
21-8 15:57:20 i7Bite_me was ist no Antitank on Infantrie?? :D
21-8 9:14:47 i7Bite_me have multihack flyhack aimbot no reload and use fake admin chat
21-8 9:13:48 i7Bite_me Cheater buddies in #2 WBKS bf3 SomaTheli and abcO4P5e7PgjOO
16-8 8:35:22 JLe72 @ FZ-Rebell-BRD: DANKE - Ebanfalls einen schönen Sonntag!
16-8 5:51:11 FZ-Rebell-BRD Moin moin von den FreienZockern , Nice Sonntag gewünscht.
14-8 20:08:36 JLe72 @Dexter Hennessy: Join our TS3 or Discord!
14-8 16:52:32 Dexter Hennessy OK. And how can I call an admin when we need one ?
14-8 14:54:49 Elfe1090 «link»
14-8 14:54:33 Elfe1090 @Dexter Hennessy you can make a topic in our forum or join our discord.
14-8 12:40:05 Dexter Hennessy Tell me how to send the video and pics ASAP you see my message! We all hate that turd!
14-8 12:37:05 Dexter Hennessy We have a huge problem with a troll named f832....something on bf3 server . All he does its trolling everytime he connects.He destroy assests,ramms ppl and block important vehicles.And he laso starts random voting so he cannot be voted for ban. I have video and pics with that cunt doing that. PLEASE PERM BAN THAT FUCKING RETARD!
9-8 12:52:20 Robin-Hood-CZ-4 Thank you for response, sorry for not writing on banappeal, Im new to this, it wont happen next time.
9-8 12:29:39 JLe72 @Robin-Hood-CZ-4: Next time write a banappeal in our forum please...
You are banned for 2h because you kill 4 players with wrong weapons... no BoltSniper or Autopistol. After 3 kills you gets kicked and if you join again and kill again with wrong weapons, you get banned for 2h!
9-8 8:34:03 Elfe1090 @Robin-Hood-CZ-4

9-8 1:04:37 Robin-Hood-CZ-4 Hi, I got banned on your WBKS server #4 Bolt snipers and pistols and I dont know why. I didnt use grenade or any other not allowed weapon. I just wanted to knife a guy but when I ran into him, it banned me and reason was bolt snipers/pistols only. So can you please unban me or tell me what I did so wrong? Thank you
4-8 10:13:36 123tojojay Thank you SO much!

I don't remember their names, but I'll let you know if they show up again
3-8 10:17:19 David @JLe72 Danke! Wieder ein Cheater weniger^^
3-8 7:57:23 JLe72 @123tojojay: You are unbanned - SORRY for this! Have you any Nicknames from this Trolls?
3-8 7:56:33 JLe72 @David: Banned!
2-8 22:59:33 123tojojay Hello there.

There's currently some griefers on sniper & pistol only #4

They keep vote banning and kicking everyone.
They got me banned too...
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