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24-1 19:00:57 vainamo Hi bf3 server 02 veptarasss kill all server he is too high this server chopperman mayby 1-3 top world...he kill all server...you ban my frend lichgost too high...next vaptarasss...
18-1 8:53:27 Elfe1090 ich habe dich genau 1 mal gekickt, das ist nicht permanent..und wer sich so wie du auf dem server verhält und großkotzig meint, das er eh nicht gekickt werden würde sollte mal über sein verhalten nachdenken.
17-1 21:04:55 Br4keno Ich werde permanent durch Elfe gekickt. Aus welchen Grund? wenn elfe mich nicht mag ist das sein problem , gehört aber nicht auf den bf4 server
17-1 21:03:33 Br4keno hi,
17-1 21:03:26 Br4keno Hi,
12-1 20:00:05 JLe72 @Samtulp6@me.com: Hello, only Members are Admin's on our servers...
7-1 19:41:22 Samtulp6@me.com Valpariso server^ There’s a lot of annoying people there right now
7-1 19:22:24 Samtulp6@me.com Also what are the options to becoming an admin on the server? I used to be admin on SUPER@ servers before they killed their bfbc2 server. Have been an admin since battlefield 2 for multiple clans.
7-1 19:20:24 Samtulp6@me.com Jorozer is continuously shooting down friendly helicopters on BFBC2
5-1 1:05:54 ar2rion but the first one that took it so long :P
4-1 21:16:37 JLe72 @ar2rion: This is not your first Donation... you should know this... look here: «link»
4-1 17:05:21 ar2rion How much time does it take to get premium slot?
4-1 17:04:09 ar2rion How much time does it take to get premium slot after paypal payment?
4-1 9:40:16 JLe72 @Generale: Post your BanAppeal here please: «link»
3-1 21:41:52 Generale hi, i was banned from your server maybe for glitch i wish i didn't know that maybe i was making a mistake since there was an adversary killing me from that place i was banned, you can mislead i would like to join you again thanks in advance
3-1 11:44:19 JLe72 @Vins_Vega_13: Check your emails please!
2-1 20:32:55 Vins_Vega_13 i sent a donation for a vip slot but i forgot to write my ingame name ;(
2-1 20:28:52 Vins_Vega_13 hi all..any admin here?
1-1 20:46:08 JLe72 @snoopycomehome: I Try the last... ist this so difficult to join our TS3 and report it to a Member or Admin???
1-1 16:55:48 snoopycomehome another one destroying mcoms at valparaiso by the name of Gutter41
31-12 21:05:50 JLe72 @snoopycomehome: #2 - Sorry to late... join next time our TS3 or Discord please!
31-12 20:56:45 snoopycomehome another cheater at 24/7 valparaiso, goes by the name of SSvongroupen
31-12 20:55:41 snoopycomehome ?
30-12 20:23:54 JLe72 @chilldog: Yes in TS3 or Discord!
30-12 17:07:32 chilldog ANY ADMINS ON
29-12 19:18:09 JLe72 @KRZYWADUPA: poste here please: «link»
29-12 18:40:18 KRZYWADUPA Please explain me that why
29-12 18:39:51 KRZYWADUPA I be baned in #1 server for haxing , this is not thru i never no hax and cheat in all wervers . time 19:33 nick NOMAD402
27-12 21:16:30 JLe72 @snoopycomehome: Sorry to late... join next time our TS3 or Discord please!
27-12 20:34:35 snoopycomehome we have a clown by the name of AL Pacino destroying own vehicles and mcoms
27-12 20:33:47 snoopycomehome any admin online?
29-11 15:18:16 Elfe1090 «link» bann appeals here please
29-11 12:39:44 Some0ne_Faster hope it was translated proper
29-11 12:39:27 Some0ne_Faster Hallo all du kennst mich, ich habe deine Server seit Jahren gespielt.
Ich bin mit dem 95. Clan zusammen und ich habe viele Freunde dort, einer ist 95. Finesherb.
Er ist auf Ihrem Server gesperrt, aber ich habe Sie auch gebeten, ihn zu entsperren. Ist das möglich? Er ist ein guter Kerl, den er eines Tages, wie wir es alle tun, unbeschreiblich geheizt hat.
Er sagte, es tut mir leid, dass er nicht gebannt werden kann.
danke Graham
29-11 12:39:08 Some0ne_Faster Hi all you know me i have played your servers for years.
I use to be with the 95th clan and i have lots of friends there one is 95th Finesherb.
he is banned on your server but asked me too ask you guys to unban him, can this be done he is a good guy he proberbly got heated one day which we all do.
He said sorry can he be unbanned.
thanks Graham
24-11 20:49:33 Elfe1090 i checked you profile, cant see a reason for that. maybe it is a bf3 problem sorry
24-11 18:38:41 giangaspero i play on Battlefield 3 my ingame name is: FallenboxITA
24-11 17:53:59 Elfe1090 we have much servers on more than one game, can you tell us maybe something like the game you play and your ingamename..
24-11 17:22:53 giangaspero Hello, i'm an old WBKS player, got every single on on my favourites and sometimes supported with some donations but lately when i try to join the servers the battlelog give me an error: " Game disconnected: could not join server " and it does seem to only do it for WBKS servers, how can i fix it ?
23-11 7:40:36 Elfe1090 moin, guck mal hier:

könnte ggf das problem sein.
22-11 21:54:40 hafenluder moin komme nicht auf den Server da steht immer Verbindung zur Sitzung ist abgelaufen....weiss einer was da nicht stimmt????
17-11 16:48:52 Wilzoooo42 Thank you, I really did not break and I will not break the rules!
17-11 14:31:27 JLe72 @Wilzoooo42: Yes, but now you are banned again for using our ClanTag! O.O
17-11 12:41:22 Wilzoooo42 Did you unblock me?
17-11 10:11:09 JLe72 @Wilzoooo42: You are unbanned!
16-11 18:50:44 Wilzoooo42 No tengo otro correo :( Solo mail.ru (¿Qué debo hacer?
16-11 11:04:57 JLe72 @Wilzoooo42: Hello, pease use an other email-address, we got to many spam from @mail.ru, so we block this hoster!
"you will need to enter a valid email address before your account is activated."
16-11 6:38:42 Wilzoooo42 No
15-11 13:34:26 Elfe1090 did you get the mail with the activation link?
14-11 9:30:28 Wilzoooo42 When registering on the forum, I received this message: email
Please note that you will need to enter a valid email address before your account is activated. You will receive an email at the address you provide that contains an account activation link. I enter the correct mail
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