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18-7 6:22:05 JLe72 hi
17-7 9:04:53 Man O War hi
12-7 20:54:27 EgalBar Seit Tagen übele Spikelags auf dem Goldmud Server! :(
9-7 18:02:27 Jensen78 @bang0n, hi your vip serverslot is for server#2 metro no rules active :)
8-7 18:26:25 bang0n hello WBKS sorry to be a pain but I just picked the wrong sever for my vip serverslot can you plz change it to /2 metro no rules agen sorry and thx :)
8-7 11:47:37 BakedMuffin89 Hello anyone online? if so could you change the map on wbks 7 to the map that comes after kharg island ? nobody joins untill (Caspian,Operation and kharg is over =/
7-7 16:16:20 Elfe1090 because this is a shoutbox and we dont take a look in it the whole day... we have a forum, teamspeak or discord for faster answere
7-7 1:38:00 lSurgeonOfDeathl WHY there is no response ?! :(
6-7 21:51:11 lSurgeonOfDeathl if i donate to I will only geet vip slot in one server?
6-7 4:34:46 lSurgeonOfDeathl hello
30-6 23:31:18 Terranoise93 Hi Ano!
28-6 13:54:25 AnoN336 Jle... It's UP!!! Hoo Ra. Take care
28-6 13:17:34 JLe72 @AnoN336: Yes we know, our hoster ist working on the problem - we hope...
28-6 12:53:19 AnoN336 Hello. 6/28/19-8:00 AM (E.S.T). FYI #7 is offline.
23-6 21:26:27 k_O_i_M_a Maltera hat nen Airbreak Cheat, rammt immer Fahrzeuge vom Himmel :|
23-6 21:26:04 k_O_i_M_a need admin on rush BF3 Server
23-6 20:21:00 BakedMuffin89 Okey sorry 8)
23-6 15:51:15 Elfe1090 @BakedMuffin USE OUR FORUM NOT THE SHOUTBOX TO REPORT PLAYERS...
23-6 10:56:19 BakedMuffin89 And this guy «link»

Have another account that i think has gotten banned by wbks or punkbuster named : Gixxergeije or something like that and is probably cheating too
23-6 10:55:04 BakedMuffin89 «link»

This guys stats are not legit , press on "time" and see his kills , a normal good player have around 100kills per 1hour , this guy is dubble that
21-6 21:31:23 Elfe1090 @MatthewHurban

write a ban appeal here please

21-6 17:06:40 MatthewHurban Hello. I need help from admin. Ive got banned on - #7 [WBKS] HC MixMode 64 - AllMaps {200%T/FastSpawnFly} serwer. Reason: teamkills. Iam upset because I really enjoy playing on this serwer and most of those kills were by accident (grenades in small rooms were not a good idea) Iam sorry for trouble and please unban my account "MatthewHurban"
16-6 15:23:09 Elfe1090 when we ban him, we have to ban all linked accounts too
16-6 12:25:51 BakedMuffin89 «link»
This guy is taking other players name and trying to blackname our names , please ban him, hes taken my name and another players name (FLAN)
9-6 19:12:55 _dkwehr_VII Hallo, bei mir geht das Netz immer noch nicht richtig :( Schöne Pfingsten euch alle
9-6 16:42:03 JLe72 @k_O_i_M_a: yes we know, its the 4th time in 2 days... we are in contact with our hoster - THX!
9-6 11:03:36 k_O_i_M_a BF3 Server mixed mode is down :O
2-6 15:57:03 Elfe1090 @Romi email schreiben bitte an JLe
2-6 13:31:46 RomiRain Moin wie ist es wenn man sich umbenennt bei Origin wegen dem VIP Slot?
31-5 9:45:51 JLe72 @Beloff25: Check your emails please!
31-5 6:19:08 JLe72 @lifesuckhardly: ???
30-5 20:14:58 Beloff25 hi. i pay vip slot.:):)
30-5 19:57:58 lifesuckhardly pls update my gamertag ............
30-5 19:55:45 lifesuckhardly nvm
30-5 19:54:16 lifesuckhardly pls
30-5 8:58:28 _dkwehr_VII Schönen Vatertag Männer :-)
26-5 19:41:00 EL_TATARIN_1990 Hello! Why I was given a ban forever for using another language, despite the fact that I used German, and the Russian fascists wrote in Russian, in particular, the player NOTA 34. And his friends are fascists.They just got me banned and everyone was told to write!Yes!!!
26-5 16:52:36 Nukl3a z3rficker jo hab ich bereits jetzt mal auf antwort warten danke
26-5 16:15:57 Elfe1090 @Nukl3a dann bitte ins teamspeak joinen oder im forum schreiben
26-5 15:48:51 Nukl3a z3rficker bräuichte ein admin :P
26-5 15:43:26 JLe72 @Nukl3a z3rficker: ja?
26-5 15:39:31 Nukl3a z3rficker hallo jemand deutsch hier
14-5 17:23:20 JLe72 Hello, a tool was broken, running again!
14-5 16:49:36 Rezty What happened to the sniper server? Everyone seem to be able to use regular guns now?
11-5 0:56:39 Wikstone found it :)
11-5 0:54:40 Wikstone Discord channel?
6-5 7:26:57 Elfe1090 @_dkwehr nein EA streikte generell
5-5 19:17:00 _dkwehr_VII EA streikt bei mir mal wieder :(
1-5 22:05:39 golgothic74 can we do anything on BF4 #4 about the mass of medics running pistols in hand? isn't the pistol accessible for all classes? why is this a thing? there's more medics ruining the game rushing with pistols than actual snipers...
30-4 11:09:48 _dkwehr_VII Alles klar :-)
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