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21-3 14:58:24 xadan_mc why is the server so empty lol
20-3 14:20:44 Elfe1090 warum reportet ihr die nicht im forum? oder ts? :)
19-3 22:31:10 ROSENBLUT 666Deliverer666
der steht schon auf der Liste..... bitte BAN
19-3 20:19:01 derLajosch Warum bannt ihr keine Cheater?
13-3 14:32:02 Elfe1090 any banappeals in our forum and not here please
13-3 14:17:35 Im_The_GreeK_33 elfe1090?
13-3 14:16:36 Im_The_GreeK_33 hello is there any admin here??
9-3 22:26:56 NorskSvartMetal Hello, can you please have a look @ «link»
8-3 17:01:50 Elfe1090 @Sidney only member get admin rights for our servers
8-3 14:24:42 Sidney Now he's gone
8-3 14:22:38 Sidney i would like to first warn him and then kick and ban him :)
8-3 14:21:05 Sidney Our ser server is jesusrodriguez96 player who is cheating all the time
8-3 14:19:41 Sidney Hey there! How can i get admin rights?
7-3 19:55:36 Elfe1090 @wireman maybe contact a admin via forum
7-3 18:55:35 Painkiller75_PL Hi all :)
7-3 18:24:45 wireman1 well what a turn up, just been on your server Golmud, and the so called Admin entered on chat ""Yippee kiy ay motherfucker ", is this the level of Admin on your games? took a picture of screen as evidence.
7-3 17:00:13 wireman1 Thank you GoodFood2K16, for your reply it did seem like an Admin as it was only targeted at my name, and then chat was taken from me and did not show ingame, is it possible logs can be deleted?
7-3 16:57:02 wireman1 t
7-3 6:25:54 JLe72 @JudasIscariot33: iin the moment you have to register in the forum too.
6-3 21:25:10 JudasIscariot33 when im trying to new topic it says that i have to log in and it says my username is incorrect
6-3 21:23:18 JudasIscariot33 how can i ban appeal?
6-3 21:23:01 JudasIscariot33 Hey
4-3 10:43:22 GoodFood2K16 @babovko you can do a ban appeal at our forum.
4-3 10:42:54 GoodFood2K16 @wireman1 Vips also have to follow the rules. Looking into the chatlogs i see no warning from any admin or autoadmin. I think this was just an automated generated message that the server gives to remind players the rules.
4-3 9:34:14 wireman1 As a paid up customer I would like an answer please
4-3 9:31:19 wireman1 So just been on game 4/3/2019 9:25 and ask if game was laggy for anyone else, and admin tells me to watch my language or will be kick, is this what I paid VIP for
4-3 9:29:08 wireman1 T
1-3 22:27:30 babovko why i was banned in the sniper server?
24-2 19:25:53 JLe72 ShoutBox aufgeräumt!
24-2 0:17:54 fcbayern1971 Hallo,
21-2 23:39:40 Salty-A55-Dog (!)
21-2 20:21:54 OneManArmy Salty is a small guy. there is a name for it.. hmmzzz
21-2 0:49:56 Salty-A55-Dog (?)
20-2 20:33:15 -iTV-R3Kt Its annoying...
20-2 20:32:34 -iTV-R3Kt Please disable Votekick on Wbks 1 Bf4 server... There is 3 guys who always votekick me for no reason....
14-2 21:40:20 vIpErRaKe ok was los ?
13-2 21:23:47 wireman1 Yes just checked and it has just come through today THANKSJLe72
13-2 18:52:42 JLe72 @wireman1: Check you emails - please!
13-2 18:37:32 Elfe1090 join the server and write !vip in the chat
13-2 10:04:27 wireman1 Could you send me an Email/Mail
13-2 9:58:27 wireman1 Hi Admin, had 1 month VIP last month and received an email/mail as confirmation ,,,,, 2 days ago booked for this month via pay Pal but have not received another email/mail how do I know I have VIP for this month?
11-2 15:22:41 Manchet - #5 [WBKS] 24/7 Rush Classics 64 - VoteMap {HighTickets} R3cycler not a first time steling jets and baserapin enemis team, ban him pls. Thx
11-2 14:53:55 rickyaff «link»
11-2 14:21:43 rickyaff on BF3 server #7 [WBKS] HC MixMode 64 - AllMaps i have been TKilled few times on purpose + rasicm (cigan = gypsy) by Gnollly (http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/Gnollly/)... reported him. plese sort it soon... thank you
11-2 14:17:56 rickyaff hi all.. is there any admin plz?
11-2 12:37:06 M0bius01 np
11-2 12:36:56 wireman1 Ok thank you M0bius01
11-2 12:34:18 M0bius01 You'll get email confirmation. Usually takes 1-2 days.
11-2 12:30:30 wireman1 Elfe, hi are you an admin?
11-2 12:29:13 wireman1 Just donated again for 1 month VIP, how do I know if it has gone through and I have VIP for the next month?
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