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19-7 15:04:06 Bagartion So I do not have to count on help?
18-7 5:09:21 Bagartion It appeared after using the weapon VAL, I do not use the cheats, the age is not the same ...
18-7 5:09:18 Bagartion You were banned by AutoAdmin for DPS.. DPS Automatic Ban [4-M4A1-44-112-17-254]
17-7 17:51:24 Bagartion Ich kann nicht von irgendeinem Browser zum Forum kommen, in dem TS in den wartenden Kanal geschrieben hat, bis zur Stille.
17-7 17:29:08 judge1967 @Bagartion You were banned by AutoAdmin for DPS.. DPS Automatic Ban [4-M4A1-44-112-17-254]
17-7 17:18:49 Bagartion we are not
we can talk in TS, I do not speak English (
17-7 9:12:51 sckouks @Bagartion if you can't acces to the forum join our TS3 ts.wbks-clan.de i will explain you why you got ban.
16-7 15:58:19 Aily86 Bagartion: Please try accessing the forum with a different web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc). The forum is currently the only place where you can appeal your ban.
16-7 15:11:33 Bagartion guys help, banned your servers, never used cheats, I can not go to the forum ..
15-7 16:28:29 Jensen78 Server is restartet
15-7 14:32:51 golgothic74 "Partie déconnectée : le client a mis fin à la connexion. Vérifiez votre connexion réseau et assurez-vous que le port 3659 (UDP) est ouvert. "
15-7 14:32:08 golgothic74 BF4 #5 server's down?
15-7 12:45:27 lolus13 how are u mate all good!?
15-7 12:44:32 lolus13 hi JLe72
15-7 11:11:25 JLe72 Hello, what is so difficult to join our TS3 and report them to one of our Admins? This is "the faster way" to get help!
15-7 10:10:04 DoomNsk ?
15-7 10:09:38 DoomNsk Praedatio and tolikjinboxru - clones KapaCb_TTaBeJI, YogiDasBaer, Tvangaste and there are many others
15-7 10:04:25 DoomNsk Praedatio and tolikjinboxru
14-7 11:41:23 brad-wanamaker asd
14-7 11:41:16 brad-wanamaker Praedatio and tolikjinboxru nicknames keep teamkilling on wbks7 server.. this 2 gamers always ram with jet to own tank and teamkill teammates.. please check the server and ban this 2 gamers please..
13-7 22:01:35 iNsoNic Father of WBKS, JLe72, responde please
13-7 18:41:18 iNsoNic Ban Appel, some1?
13-7 18:30:55 JLe72 Danke ebenfalls
13-7 14:45:22 Koppitz33 Moin
13-7 13:17:34 KeenTiet euch alln een schön WE zusammen und eene jut Jagd :D
13-7 13:12:45 KeenTiet moinsen
12-7 14:57:50 Da1nAbOY «link»
12-7 14:57:24 Da1nAbOY «link» chit
12-7 14:57:07 Da1nAbOY chit
12-7 8:32:18 ShadeOfTrash Vote not starting a vote without a reason!
12-7 8:31:18 ShadeOfTrash ERROR
Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: agai vote without reason [perm][PurpelAngel9993]
11-7 12:10:55 Stingor acknowledge :S sorry
11-7 11:36:23 sckouks Hi Stingor, no ban appeal here. Clic on the "BanAppeal" blue button below this window and write a Ban appeal in our forum
11-7 10:47:41 Stingor Hi, i just been banned from your bf3 servers for "aimbot" with only 20.82% accuracy on the weapon i was using, is that a permanent thing ? I really enjoy your servers this days :_(
9-7 13:38:00 Aily86 Hey, G3T_ST1FF3D! I believe that what's commonly refered to as "No Rules" merely implies that there aren't any rules or limitations in play regarding things such as - yet not necessarily limited to - how many of a certain class each team can have alive at any given moment, and which weapons players are and aren't allowed to use.

Most servers typically have rules that aren't always mentioned, simply because it's assumed and expected that a player uses common sense and isn't out to be an a**hole that just wants to ruin the game for everyone else. Be it a cheat, a glitch... basically doing, using or/and abusing something which the game producer didn't mean for us to do, use or/and abuse... is usually a big no-no. But just like you and I, all servers are different. :)

I didn't witness anything, so I can't comment on that in particular. I do, however, know that the admins really care about the servers and as such always do their utmost to be fair and set a good example. Please do know that I'm in no way implying that either of you did anything correct or incorrect. We all know it's a very buggy game where things sometimes appear differently - in odd cases don't appear at all for that matter - and then there's the human factor of course. Hope to see you on the BF4 Golmud or Metro server one of these days :)
9-7 8:55:58 sckouks If there was literaly no rules it would be the jungle ...
9-7 8:55:28 sckouks No rules means no weapon/explo/... restriction.
9-7 4:50:03 G3T_ST1FF3D I reported him in game too. He said it was in the rules.LOL. On a server which says 'NO RULES'.
9-7 4:48:24 G3T_ST1FF3D wot
9-7 4:48:05 G3T_ST1FF3D ??
9-7 4:47:26 G3T_ST1FF3D Playing Metro BF3 left a few mins ago fro WBKS1 server where it says 'NO RULES'. Admin II_Watchmen_II used admin comand to kill me citing train head glitch after I killed him from end of train. That creep is king headglitcher all the game on the stairs and anywhere else he could! This was pure admin abuse.
8-7 10:48:41 uselessgameboy Thank you
7-7 18:20:52 sckouks Between 2 hours and 2 days
7-7 13:21:23 uselessgameboy @admi, have paid for VIP slot, does it take some time to get activated?
7-7 11:16:50 GoodFood2K16 :D Battlefield 4 servers are back on! Thank you for your patience, join us in the fight!
6-7 10:21:32 judge1967 @ausmweg3110 Globally banned by Even Balance (Cached Data) you have to appeal there, nothing we can do.
4-7 19:59:05 II_Watchmen_II Der Ban kommt von PBBans «link»
4-7 15:53:33 ausmweg3110 hatte letztens gute 5 min auf eurem Server und nun global ban??
4-7 15:53:14 ausmweg3110 Hallihallo ich hab mal ne frage, bin begeistereter Bolt only spieler,
2-7 10:59:30 BonChauvi Vielen Dank! :)
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