WaffenBrueder Kassel [WBKS] - Since 2006

§1 - Joining / TrialMember

  1. Inclusion in the communities takes place from the age of 21 years (exceptions
    prove the rule). Each prospective member is generally reviewed at PBBans,
    GGC, ACI, BF4DB and 24/7 Fairplay!
  2. Registrations must be made via our website (JoinUs).
    By registering on the website, the Clan rules are automatically accepted here.
    As a Trial Member of WBKS Clan all members decide in equal parts within two weeks
    (the clan leader has "the last word").
  3. The Trial members are following the inclusion in our communities in a
    trial period up to 8 weeks (exceptions prove the rule). During this time he wears
    the clan tag [WBKS T] in the TS and the game servers Game Clan Tag [wbks] (lowercase) while in Server.
  4. Each candidate paid a fee of 5€, for the clan in his probationary period - 5€ per month (2 months),
    which will be charged for the VIP slots on all game Servers.
  5. Who wants to be clan member, no other clan may belong.

§2 - ClanTag

  1. The [WBKS] clan tag will not be offended, spamming or similar.
  2. Playing with [WBKS] clan tag on our communities servers or on public Servers
    is only with your clan Nicks, which are also in the member list, gives.
  3. Who's playing on other servers to behave as it is permitted on these Servers.
  4. However, if there are no rules, our clan rules apply.
  5. Always thinking about the sportsmanship (Playfair / Have Fun).

 §3 - handling 

  1. In WaffenBrueder Kassel communities (hereinafter referred to as [WBKS]) is generally played for fun!
  2. The friendly contact with each other and other clans is strictly observed.
  3. It is not allowed within the clan members against one another to incite or to
    form Groups. Insults or similar to weaknesses of individual members or guests
    will not be tolerated.
  4. Mutual tolerance is assumed.
  5. The sporting fairness thoughts must be present at each member and is also expected.

 §4 - GameServer 

  1. On our game servers will not be offended, spamming or similar!
  2. Game servers guests on our public, have the right to play with us as long as
    you do not violate the rules of our game Servers.
  3. There will NOT be Kick votes, only because our server is full or because a
    guest is a beginner.
  4. All members have InGame Admin rights and for that to worry that the server
    rules are followed. Guests who violate our server rules, only to warn and to
    kick for repeated violations.
  5. Further details are available in our Game Server Rules and can be found on
    the game servers chatting with the command "!Rules".

 §5 - Teamspeak-Server 

  1. Our Teamspeak is open to the public.
  2. Kicking from other members or to guests is prohibited unless they comply with
    the TS rules.
  3. The playing of music is forbidden as well as the RECORDING in Teamspeak.
  4. The lobby is there for joining your ranks and not to Lounge.
  5. The premises are to be used as they are called.
  6. Further details are available in our TS-Rules!

 §6 - Cheating 

  1. Cheating or the like is strictly prohibited in our communities! If you ever have
    or even start to attempt, you will be banned immediately without any warning
    from the clan, and published all its players information on the Clan website.
  2. We Play fair and we expect our members in all respects a role model!

 §7 - Member contributions 

  1. The member contributions are used to cover costs of the clan (game server, website, Clantreffen etc.).
  2. The contributions of all members are represented in the internal area of ​​the homepage
    or the forum for everyone and with visible costs of a counter-Statement.
  3. Each full member paid a fee of 5€, for the clan - 5€ per month (semiannual payment method).
  4. Each candidate paid a fee of 5€, for the clan in his probationary period -
    5€ per month (2 months), which will be charged for the VIP slots on all
    game Servers.
  5. Each WoT Members paid a fee of 2.50 € per month (semiannual payment
    method) for the clan.
  6. Full member, the longer time are AFK have the option for six months to pay
    a reduced Clan fee of 2.50 € (this must be agreed with the clan leader).
    In the member list they will be listed as inactive.
  7. Full member, the longer time are AFK and make their full contribution Clan,
    are listed in the Members list as passive.
  8. Surpluses are removed and used for any new acquisitions or clan Meetings
    and not paid.
  9. Reimbursement for self-discharge or in case of gross violation, which has
    a clan excluding the effect takes place NOT!
  10. In an unjustified communities resolution of the clan leader adheres to the sponsored contributions
    for the period from communities resolution date.
    He must repay them to the respective members within 4 weeks.
    A retroactive payment is not made (fees apply to the period before Clan resolution).

 §8 - General 

  1. Admins or other functions / ranks in the communities are appointed by
    the clan leader and managed (members have limited say).
  2. Clan Internal data such as passwords or similar are the property of the clan
    and are therefore confidential. They may be passed on to any third party,
    except in consultation with the clan leader!
  3. A suicide resignation or expulsion communities all Gameserver- and
    TS rights are deleted with immediate effect! 

Stand: 01.01.2020  Changes in the Clan rules at any time. For changes we inform you of course the Forum.   

[WBKS] JLe72 / ClanLeader

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