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Battlefield 2042 Portal - Community-Plattform

The Community-Plattform

No RSP-Server, but another way to create your own game.

There will be a community-platform within Battlefield 2042, where you’ll find created experiences by the community
or creating some by yourself. You can create own gamemodes or use known modes like conquest,
Team Deathmatch, Rush and other.
There will be KI-soldiers, which you can use to fill your game or make a KI-soldier team.
If you don’t want Ki-soldiers you can deactivate them.
Community experiences get create for a match und stay online as long as there are active players.


Battlefield 2042 Portal - Community-Plattform


With the Logic-editor you have more control in your experiences. The Logic-Editor lets player us streamlines visual scripting logic.
You can define rules, victory conditions, consequences for game events (rewards or punishment).
You can get creative and can create own gamemodes.


Battlefield 2042 Portal - Community-Plattform


With the experience link you can share your experience. Other players are able to share your experience
and can remix it with their own additions.
You’ll find reimagined maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, factions and classes from Battlefield 2042,
Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.


Battlefield 2042 Portal - Community-Plattform

Battlefield 2042 Portal - Community-Plattform


Follow the link for the official trailer: youtube.com

For more informations follow the following link: ea.com


Battlefield 2042 - First Info

The time has come on 22nd october: battlefield 2042 will be published.


Battlefield 2042 - First Info


Already known Games modes like conquest and breakthrough, await you, with some new features.

Hazard Zone, all new squad-based game type, combines the best oft the Battlefield sandbox.

Seven new Maps, seven new places:

  • On Orbital you fight in Kourou, near an imminent rocket launch and have to expect storms as well as enemy fire.
  • Dust an sand storms, which darken the light, while you fight for control of a convoy, await you on Hourglass in Doha.
  • A modern metropolis with ziplines and a fight among the places arroung thie data center in Songdo.
  • Tropical tornadoes and a maze-like cargo containers you’ll find o Brani Island.
  • On Alang you’ll fight on stranded colossal ships while adapting to deadly storms.
  • Oueen Maud Land is a stratigic hot spot with destructile fuel tanks and silos, which create debris fields an permanent fires when destroyed.
  • In Eastern Desert you have to secure the access points and gate walls on a giant wall in the center of the map.

Based on the four known classes, is there specialists with unique skills and characteristics.
Therewill be a total of ten specialists, of which already four have been presented.

At EA Play Live on 22nd July you can discover unexpected battles and enter the wide universe of Battlefield.


Battlefield 2042 - First Info


Follow this link for the official Gameplay-Trailer: ea.com

For more informations to the new Battlefield follow this link: ea.com


APEX - [WBKS] start's a new Project!

Hello Soldiers and Gamers from [WBKS] Gaming

Maybe someone notice, that some Clan-Members are playing Apex Legends.
With the new Season we have the possibility to create a club. We did this immediately, of course.

From now on it is also called "WBKS in Apex".

We would be happy to play Apex with the public players as well.
APEX - [WBKS] start's a new Project!

Show ‘em what you’re made of in Apex Legends, a free-to-play Battle Royale game,
where contenders from across the Frontier team up to battle for glory, fame, and fortune.
Choose your Legend, team up with two other players and combine your unique skills
to be the last squad standing.

APEX - [WBKS] start's a new Project!

Normaly Apex is a Free to play, but you can buy special Editions.
A battlepass can also be purchased, but is not necessary.

We see us in Apex.

You can find more Informations here: APEX-Legends


APEX - [WBKS] start's a new Project!

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